Discover all of the benefits of the Midvalley Imaging Center

February 28, 2019

A Q&A with Midvalley Imaging Center's Natalie Johnson:

Q: Besides a competitive MRI price with no “gotcha fees,” what are some other benefits you can expect from the Midvalley Imaging Center?
A: High-quality images, no waiting, ample parking at our convenient Basalt location, and personalized, friendly service provided by a highly-experienced, tenured staff — those are some of the best benefits of the Midvalley Imaging Center. But perhaps the most important benefit is that, in most cases, you can schedule to have your MRI scans within one to three business days of calling for an appointment.
Q: Why does it matter to have your MRI scan completed so quickly?
A: The faster the diagnosis, the faster you can receive care for your orthopedic or neurological condition, according to Natalie Johnson, RT, MR, who has been the face of the imaging center for the past 10 years. In addition, prompt medical Quick read more or view full article attention for many medical conditions is associated with improved long-term health outcomes. Therefore, completing diagnostic images quickly is a crucial early step in ensuring you heal as fully as possible.
“You don’t want to risk further damage by having to wait for your MRI and then wait more for your follow-up care,” Johnson said. “That’s why it’s so wonderful that we can work in tandem with OrthoAspen and the Midvalley Surgery Center, both of which are in the same office complex. Very often, we have patients who walk over from OrthoAspen to have a scan here at the imaging center and then go right back to schedule their surgery at OrthoAspen.”
Q: What can you expect when you schedule an MRI at the Midvalley Imaging Center?
A: Because we offer only appointment-based visits, there is no waiting when you arrive. Each appointment is scheduled for one full hour, so you will have plenty of time to ask questions and become completely comfortable with the procedure.
Q: Tell me about the MRI technology utilized at the Midvalley Imaging Center.
A: The center is equipped with GE 1.5 Tesla state-of-the-art technology, so we generate the clearest images possible. In addition, the center is fully accredited through the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission to perform orthopedic and neurological imaging.
Q: What if I have health insurance?
A: At the Midvalley Imaging Center, we believe in complete cost transparency. If you have health insurance, we will explain any copay, coinsurance or other out-of-pocket costs you may incur.
Q: How do I schedule an appointment at the Midvalley Imaging Center?
A: Simply call 970-927-5087 or visit



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