Whitcomb Terrace:

July 1, 2018
Assisted living -- with emphasis on living!

The request, when she first heard it, struck Maggie Gerardi as both unusual and wonderful. As director of Whitcomb Terrace Assisted Living, Gerardi was accustomed to acting on requests from residents interested in visiting local art galleries, restaurants, shops and events.

In this instance, though, a resident wanted something out of the ordinary. “He used to be a snowmobile enthusiast, and he really wanted to go out on a snowmobile again,” Gerardi said. “It was important to him, so we and the staff at T-Lazy-7 Ranch made it happen, and he had a great time.”

Such personal touches are a hallmark of Whitcomb Terrace, which opened in 1990 as Aspen’s first assisted living facility. Over nearly three decades, Whitcomb Terrace has maintained its mission of encouraging residents to live as actively and independently as possible and to provide opportunities and resources to help them do so.

Staff members plan outings to sites, shops and events. Residents’ loved ones are always welcome to visit and share a delicious meal in the dining room. Most importantly, volunteers from the community bring in educational programs, music, arts and crafts often, while area businesses offer services and programs to support residents’ health and happiness. For instance, Aspen Music Festival graciously donates tickets to concerts throughout the summer, a highlight for the residents and the volunteers who accompany them.

“We are really blessed with a community that cares so much, as our volunteers and local businesses prove time after time,” Gerardi said.

Helping residents stay involved
Residents can also be proactively involved in the community. For example, one resident attends classes at a local college — and another teaches college classes. In addition, the Pitkin County Senior Center is located in the same building as Whitcomb Terrace, giving residents easy access to those programs. With so much to do, many residents report feeling more socially engaged and having a greater sense of community after moving to Whitcomb Terrace.

There are other benefits, as well. At Whitcomb Terrace, assisted living includes employees taking care of residents’ housekeeping and managing medications. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served every day. There’s even a medical director, Joshua Seymour, MD, who makes “house calls” and staff who continually oversee residents.

“Most of our staff have been with us for years, so they have longterm, caring relationships with our residents,” Gerardi said. “That’s not what most people expect of assisted living; they expect it to be impersonal and institutional, which could not be further from the truth at Whitcomb Terrace. We strive to keep our residents independent, engaged and happy — even if that involves a ride on a snowmobile.”

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