Aspen Valley Hospital Volunteers

Their spirit permeates Aspen Valley Hospital (AVH) because they give in so many different ways, in so many different places. Volunteer opportunities at AVH include: a five-member elected governing board, the foundation board of directors, an audit committee, community/patient/family advisory committee, and the largest group—individuals who work side by side with our staff throughout the year

Hospital-Wide Volunteers:   AVH volunteers provide assistance in eight different departments of the hospital. They interact with patients, bringing flowers, books, nourishment, or a warm blanket. They comfort families with information, coffee, or a hug. They escort those who are unfamiliar with hospital services and locations. They assist behind the scenes by posting mail and compiling charts. They operate the unique and affordable Sally’s Gift Shop. And some of them bring their four-legged friends to share the good cheer and healing powers that only a dog can bring.

OUR GREATEST NEED: We are looking for help in Sally's Gift Shop! If you are looking to make a difference for patients and their families in a non-clinical setting and want to have some fun too, consider volunteering in the Gift Shop. Please call 970.544.1261 for more information.

All of Aspen Valley Hospital's volunteers—no matter their role—enrich the lives of our patients, families, and staff every day of the year. Contributing thousands of hours of labor annually, they ask nothing in return except the satisfaction that comes from making a difference. Our community is fortunate to have them all!

If you're interested in supporting a cause you truly believe in, applying your skills, meeting new people, making new friends, helping others, or making a difference in your community, call 970.544.1261 to learn more about volunteering at AVH, or...

Community/Patient/Family Advisory Committee:  This group of community members was formed to advise regarding approvals related to the hospital's master facilities plan.  Over the years, the committee has evolved to provide feedback and serve as a sounding board for a variety of issues.  Since most members have used the hospital for personal or family medical care, they also provide input related to the delivery of care.  The committee meets on a quarterly basis.

      Governing Board of Directors   :   Elected by the community within the hospital district (Pitkin County except Redstone), these five board members serve four-year terms.  Elections take place every two years.  As a governing board, they select and work closely with the Chief Executive Officer.  Responsibilities include strategic planning, ensuring that the hospital's mission and vision are achieved, the provision of a comprehensive level of quality care, and fiscal oversight.  They meet monthly, and members also serve on one or more hospital committees and attend annual governance retreats.  Our sincere gratitude is extended to past and present board members.  Current board members include:  Dr. Mindy Nagle, Chuck Frias, Lee Schumacher, David Eisenstat, and Dr. Greg Balko.

Foundation Board The mission of the AVH foundation is to raise and manage philanthropic support for the current and future needs of Aspen Valley Hospital.  The board also serves in an advisory role, providing strategic input and feedback to the hospital board of directors. The board meets monthly, and members agree to financially support the organization with an annual gift that is appropriate and meaningful.  The AVH foundation's mission is clearly interwoven with the hospital's vision of the future and hinges on four prerequisites:
- Reciprocated participation of foundation and hospital board members at board and associated committee meetings to ensure continued awareness and communication about strategic objectives.
- Commitment to articulate the philosophy and goals of AVH and to listen to the community's interests and needs, helping to communicate those needs to both the AVH and foundation boards.
- Continued visibility and community awareness of the foundation's singular role as the fundraising vehicle for AVH.
- Commitment of the foundation board to support and maintain a strong and visible development program that involves the active leadership of foundation board members in the identification, cultivation, and solicitation of individuals, businesses, private foundations, and grant makers both within and beyond the immediate community.
The current board is comprised of the following officers and directors:  Deborah Breen, president and CEO; Archer Biship, chairman; David Eisenstat, Chuck Frias, Ernie Fyrwald, and John Sarpa.

 Audit Committee:   This committee is chaired by the AVH board treasurer and is comprised of one other hospital board member, as well as three community members with expertise in finance and/or accounting.  They typically meet two times per year -- once to review the hospital's year-end audit (performed by an outside CPA firm) and once to review the budget.  They provide oversight and a comprehensive review of all AVH financial statements, as well as the annual audit and budget. Interactions include the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Finance Officer, representatives from the AVH Board of Directors, and auditing staff.

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