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The fall Health Fairs are here! Aspen Valley Hospital once again offers (and highly encourages) booking your lab draw appointment online. Register today for your blood draw by clicking the corresponding button below.

Midvalley Health Fair
Saturday, October 12, 8:00 - 11:00 a.m.

El Jebel Community Center
20 Eagle County Road, El Jebel, CO
Blood draw, flu shots, plus FREE additional screenings and information stations

Our lab draw appointment booking is now closed for the Midvalley Health Fair. If you would like to attend, please come by—walk-ins are welcome! 

Senior Health Fair*
Friday, November 1, 8:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Aspen Valley Hospital
0401 Castle Creek Road, Aspen, CO
Blood draw, flu shots, plus FREE additional screenings and information stations
*For participants age 60 and older


Health Screenings
Back Screenings with OrthoAspen's Stanley Gertzbein, MD
Blood Pressure
Height, Weight, BMI with Karen Locke, MD
Skin Checks with Kelly Locke, MD
Vision Screenings

Information Stations
After-Hours Medical Care
Alcoholics Anonymous
Aspen Strong
Aspen Valley Primary Care
Midvalley Surgery Center
Whitcomb Terrace

Health Screenings
Airflow and Oximetry 
Back Screenings with OrthoAspen's Stanley Gertzbein, MD
Balance Testing
Blood Pressure
Height, Weight, BMI
Oral Cancer Screenings
Skin Checks with Brooke Walls, DO
Trauma/Fall Prevention

Information Stations
Alcoholics Anonymous
Aspen Strong
Brain Injury, Executive Function and Memory
Economic Assistance
HomeCare and Hospice of the Valley
Pitkin County Senior Center
Speech and Lanugage Therapy
Whitcomb Terrace

Lab Tests Offered

Please note: Payment is by CASH or CHECK only at the event. We have an ATM onsite at Aspen Valley Hospital for your convenience. We do NOT have an ATM available onsite at the El Jebel Community Center. Please check with your insurance benefits to understand if your plan covers health fair screenings. AVH will not submit to your insurance.
  • Health Fair Profile - $65.00
The Health Fair Profile tests 32 metabolic functions: blood sugar; lipids including cholesterol/triglycerides/HDL/LDL; kidney and liver function; complete blood count; thyroid stimulating hormone, and more. Fasting for at least 12 hours with the exception of water is recommended. Diabetics should contact their physician for instructions.
  • Hemoglobin A1c - $30.00 - NEW in 2019
Provides an average blood glucose level over the past 4 months and is non-fasting screening. It is recommended for anyone with diabetes or a family history of diabetes.
  • Cardio CRP - $35.00
Cardio CRP tests elevated levels of C-reactive protein that can indicate vascular inflammation.
  • PSA - $35.00
PSA tests are recommended annually for men 55 years of age and older. A baseline test is recommended for men 40 years of age and earlier with family history of prostate cancer or prostate issues.
  • Vitamin D - $45.00
The Vitamin D test measures concise levels of D2 (nutritional absorption), D3 (sunshine absorption) and total amount of vitamin D to define, sufficient, insufficient or deficient levels.
  • Colorectal cancer screening kit - $25.00
The InSure Fit Colon screening kit is a take-home kit that measures hemoglobin which does not react with non-human hemoglobin, vitamins, drugs or issues from food. There is no special diet required. This test is completed at home, not at the health fair.

Flu Shots

We will once again offer flu shots at both of our fall health fairs. Flu shots may be free with certain types of insurance. Please bring your insurance card. Any cost to you will need to be paid by CASH or CHECK only at the event.

Midvalley Health Fair

Flu shot — $25
High dose (age 65+) — $48

Senior Health Fair

Flu shot — $30
High dose (age 65+) —$50

Important things to know before you go:

  • For blood draws, walk-ins are always welcome, and appointments are preferred. Sign up for the Senior Health Fair by clicking here.
  • For blood draws, please make your payment in CASH or CHECK ONLY at the event. We do NOT have an ATM at the Community Center in El Jebel. We do have an ATM onsite at Aspen Valley Hospital for your convenience.
  • To ensure you have access to the free screenings that you need on Friday, November 1, please arrive at least one hour before the fair closes.
  • Spanish speaking phlebotomists and Spanish language materials will be available.
  • You will receive a printed booklet with your results approximately three weeks following the fair. The booklet will be mailed to you at the address you provide when registering. Your results will arrive in an envelope that look similar to the following:
  • You have the option to upload your results to the Quality Health Network, so you can retrieve your results electronically approximately one week following the fair. This also allows your physician to easily access results online. Choose this option when registering for your appointment, or when registering in-person at the fair.

A Note About Lab Screenings
By registering for these laboratory tests, you acknowledge the screening results provided are preliminary. Results could fail to detect abnormalities that might be found with more definitive screenings; or it might detect abnormalities that would be found normal with further testing. To confirm a medical condition, an examination by your personal healthcare provider is always recommended.

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