Charge Description Master Disclosure

Before accessing this file, please be aware of the following:
  1. Our Hospital charges for actual services and supplies used in your specific case.
  2. Our goal is to keep costs down for our patients; therefore, we don’t charge a flat case rate for surgeries.  We charge only for the items used.
  3. Your specific procedure may require more than one item or service (i.e. a test with contrast or any surgery).
  4. Please keep in mind that individual charges may vary by patient based on each patient’s condition.
  5. Some charges or fees for physician services may or may not appear on your Hospital bill. 
Let us help you obtain a quote for your specific procedure and determine your patient responsibility, which can vary based on your individual health insurance. You can reach the Patient Cost Estimate Team directly by calling us at (970) 544-1461 or emailing us at
Please don’t forget we are happy to work with you on payment options for your healthcare services or financial assistance as needed. Please contact our Patient Financial Services department at (970) 544-1412 to discuss your payment options.

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