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FAQs - Billing and Insurance

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Q: If I have a concern or question about my bill, who can I contact?
A: Contact our Billing Department by email . They will handle your inquiry with the same professional, courteous, and personalized attention with which we deliver medical care.

Q: Does AVH file insurance for me?
A: Policies differ depending on your coverage. For patients who reside in the United States, with managed care or commercial insurance, we file for you. However, we also ask that some payment be made at the time of service. If you have managed care coverage that is contracted with AVH, you will need to make a 10 percent co-payment as well as pay for any unmet deductible. If you have a managed care coverage that is not contracted with AVH or have commercial insurance coverage, you will need to make a 20 percent co-payment as well as pay for any unmet deductible. Out-of-country patients without a qualified travel insurance plan are asked to pay in full at the time of service. Our billing office will assist you with filing by providing you with universal billing forms if needed.

Q: What if my bill is overpaid?
: A refund is made to the appropriate party (either you or the insurance company or both).

Q: How is my bill handled if I don't have insurance?
A: We offer assistance in accessing indigent care programs for those who qualify. We also assist patients in developing payment plans based on their financial status and credit eligibility.

Q: Which managed care plans does AVH participate with?
A: There are very few managed care plans for which we are not a participant. If in doubt about your company's participation with AVH, call us at 970.544.7694.

Q: If Aspen Valley Hospital is in my insurance network, can I be assured that all AVH physicians are in my network?
A: Not necessarily. You should check with your insurance company to ensure that all providers involved in your care are in your network.

Q: Who is responsible for pre-certifying my hospitalization?
A: Ultimately, you are responsible. However, AVH and your doctor's office will assist you in this process. Be sure to ask your doctor's office what you need to do, if anything, and also check with the AVH insurance benefits coordinator. She may be reached at 970.544.1411.

Q: Who is responsible for my bill?
A: Ultimately, you are responsible. Your insurance company will provide you with an explanation of benefits. This form will tell you what has been paid, and if they declined payment for an aspect of your care, it will explain why. If you have questions about their payment, you should contact the insurance company.

Q: What do I do if I have questions about my bill?
A: Call AVH at 970. 544.7694. We will be happy to assist you.

Q: What happens if my bill isn't paid in a timely fashion?
A: If your bill isn't paid within an established time frame, and no arrangements have been made for payment, collection activity will begin.

Q: How do I know exactly how much I owe AVH?
A: For each encounter at AVH you will receive an itemized bill which will indicate charges, payments, and current balance for that encounter. Your balance might indicate "0" in anticipation of an insurance payment. If insurance pays less than is expected, your next billing will ask for the difference between charges and payments. If you have more than one encounter at AVH, you will receive separate itemized bills for each, and a statement will be mailed to you monthly indicating all outstanding balances.

Q: Why do I receive several different bills for one hospital visit?
A: In addition to the bill you receive from your personal physician and the hospital, you might receive bills from the following other providers: radiologist, anesthesiologist, pathologist, and consulting physicians. While their services are provided at AVH, these practitioners are not hospital employees—they are in private practice, and, therefore, they send you a separate bill.

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